Booking the Callanwolde Concert Band

What promotional information is available?

We can provide pictures, tapes, and all sorts of other propaganda which should convince you that the Callanwolde Concert Band is simply the best choice for an extra special event!

Please contact us to receive information by e-mail. If you prefer, we can arrange a personal presentation and answer any questions you may have directly.

What sort of events would a large wind band be appropriate for?

With 30+ years of experience with musical entertainment, the Callanwolde Concert Band has a huge collection of musical resources to draw on. We can easily tailor a performance to the needs of your organization. From Broadway, to the 4th of July to serious classical works, we have an amazing variety of music.

Consider the Callanwolde Band for:
• Arts Festivals
• Business/Promotional events
• Holiday Event
• Corporate Celebration
• Store or Park Opening
• Community Celebrations
• Ceremony/Dedication
• Event Kickoff

How much do you charge for performances?

CCB has a "rubber rate card", but in this case it is to your benefit. We usually request an honorarium in the $1000 to $1500 range. If an inordinate amount of planning, logistics and special music is involved, it may be somewhat more especially, if we do not have the music you request and have to purchase it. It should be noted that special material may also impact the band's regular rehearsal cycle, so our ability to perform a special piece may depend on the rehearsal time involved. In the past, we have had no problem meeting this sort of request.

Also, special holiday events may be more, but we can't remember pricing ourselves out of a market. Talk to us! This represents a huge bargain for the amount of talent and dedication the band provides.

All donations received are used to keep the band going. No member is paid - in fact, the band members pay annual dues to participate. Performances are based on a minimum one hour and usually two hour concert with intermission. Factors such as site access, sound systems and/or lighting may figure in to the final cost, however we are talking about a 60 person, college level symphonic band. Think of the impact your event will have on your public, your customers, your employees at a cost barely above the petty cash level!

How do I book the band or get more information to help me decide?

All you'll need to do is send us an email, and the band president or another representative will answer any questions you may have.

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