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Other Community Bands

The Northshore Concert Band
The Northshore Concert Band is arguably the best community based musical organizaton in the USA. What can we say, we read their book...and followed it!

The Cedar Falls Municipal band
Anyone who feels like our organization is old at 40 years should follow this link. The Cedar Falls Iowa band has been around for over 100 years. Their site is very interesting. They OWN their own rehearsal hall and bandshell! Tour their online museum. The Iowa band law truly was a good idea.

The Ringgold Band - Reading PA
Another band to make us feel like the new kids on the block. This one has been around for a mere 150 years and has the distinction of being the last band that J.P. Sousa ever conducted. Great website.

The Wirral Symphonic Wind Band
This group drafted a player to conduct much the same way we drafted Clyde Bales. This is an award winning community band in the UK.

The Castleford Young Musicians
A young peoples band in Castleford UK. This is a new website,but the band has been in operation for 33 years.

The Association of Concert Bands
The international voice of adult community bands.

The Concert Band Portal
A fairly comprehensive listing of community bands.

Gold Coast Wind Ensemble
A fine community band in Ventura County, California.

Other Bands

The Sentimental Journey Orchestra
If we do say so ourselves, and we do, SJO is simply the best big dance band in the southeast. A big band in the tradition of Glenn Miller, the Dorsey Brothers, Les Brown and other swing greats, SJO is based right here in Atlanta. Sentimental Journey is THE swing orchestra for any event!

The Big Band - Essex CT.
Bob Hughes is one of our Alumni from years ago as well as other bands from Texas to California. He has started a new swing band in Essex, Ct very similar to SJO. He is now working with his fine new band "The Big Band". Be sure and visit his website.

The NC Revelers Orchestra - Raleigh NC.
Any question about what Henry Mason is up to in North Carolina will be answered by a visit to this website. Henry has started a fine new dance orchestra and is once more in the "swing" of things.

The New Sousa Band
This is the website of the New Sousa Band conducted by Keith Brion and endorsed by the Sousa family. This is a very interesting site and definitely worth viewing in detail

Service Bands

The United States Marine Band

The United States Navy Band

The United States Army Band

The United States Air Force Band

The United States Coast Guard Band

Brass Resources

Doug Yeo Home Page
Douglas Yeo is the principal Bass Trombonist of the Boston Symphony. His page is full of many things of interest not only to trombonists, but to instrumentalists of all persuasions. It is,of course of particular interest to the low brass player. This award winning page is one of the best musical resource pages on the internet.

Online Trombone Journal
Here you'll find articles about trombones and trombonists, reviews of trombone recordings, reviews of new music, technical articles, mutes, mouthpieces and much more.

Trumpet Player Online
A great trumpet player's resource page with sound files, tips, instrument sources, player profiles, auditions and much much, more.

International Tuba Euphonium Association
Officially founded in 1973 as the Tubists Universal Brotherhood Association, ITEA is dedicated to promoting and advancing the tuba and euphonium instruments.

TUBAEUPH on Yahoo! Groups
The world's premiere forum for discussion of low brass instruments. Share wisdom with professional and amateur players from around the world!

Woodwind Resources

National Flute Association
More than anyone wants to know about flutes!

International Clarinet Association
An entire clarinet case full of resources and used reeds!

Saxophone Home Page
A place for gaining some insight as to why saxophones sound that way. Lots of resources on this page.

Percussion Resources

Drummer's Web
A web site detailing what is inside the drum!

Miscellaneous Links

Musical Overture
A video sharing network that connects musicians with each other and to professors, conductors and others already established in the musical world.

Tohru Takahashi
Mr Takahashi is assistant professor of Music at the Osaka, Japan college of Music. He conducts the student winds at the Osaka Junior College of Music, The Kawanishi Municipal Band and the Ashiya Municipal band. He has written several works, notably transcriptions for modern wind band.

Terry Vosbein
Mr Vosbein is Associate Professor of Music at Washington and Lee University. He has composed and transcribed many works for wind band. Mr Vosbein spent many years in Atlanta and is a friend of music and musicians in the Atlanta area.

Information about musician injury
This is a fairly comprehensive bibliography of music-related medical problems. If you have (or think you have) a medical problem that is somehow connected to your playing or singing activities, this is a great way to be prepared when you show up at your doctor's office!

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