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Featured Sample: Romeo and Juliet Overture-Fantasia - Peter Tchaikovsky transcribed by Mark Hindsley

From our March 22, 2009 concert, Romanza, an excerpt of the iconic masterwork that has become synonymous with romance, be it dramatic or comedic. First performed in 1870, this piece was dramatically different than the version that is heard today. A lukewarm reception at its premiere (before an audience already distracted by a scandal involving the conductor of the orchestra) led Tchaikovsky to use friend and fellow composer Mily Balakirev's suggestions, and piece emerged much closer to its final form. This second version premiered in 1872, and a revision in 1880 gave the piece its current form. While it is this form that is the most familiar, the original is also performed on occasion to this day.

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Conducted by composer and Peter Hazzard at our March 30, 2014 concert, Three Cheers Thirty was written to commemorate Music Director Raymond Handfield's thirty years leading the Callanwolde Concert Band (as was the entire concert) and rehearsed without his knowledge. Until Mr. Hazzard made the announcement, Ray thought we were going to play Sousa's The Fairest of the Fair - his copy of the program was slightly different from the one given to the rest of the audience, and we're glad we were able to pull off the surprise.

Three Cheers Thirty for Raymond Handfield, he is quite a man
For thirty years he's kept the beat of the Callanwolde Concert Band
OH, LET'S HEAR Three Cheers Thirty - he's been right there to keep them playing strong
They never fail to make great music and that's why we sing this song
You know when Ray commands with his baton, the players play their instruments with wild abandon
'Cause Raymond keeps them playing to his beat, and the music's always sounding oh, so sweet!

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